Milena Ugrinova - Mim

I am a well educated graphic designer with vast experience in print and digital media and passion for photography. I have in my background five years at the National School of Applied Arts, where I graduated with excellent scores in graphic design and classic visual arts. My career path started at a print house where I transferred my knowledge into practice, and that allowed me to advance my skills into the next stage as a web designer at a marketing agency. My journey continued to a well-established large IT company where I was responsible for all graphics, combining all my design and photography skills for seventeen years.

My love and curiosity in photography added new horizons and even more ways to approach images. I graduated from New Bulgarian University as a Bachelor in Photography.

Life brought me to the other side of Europe, and I changed the IT branch with the food industry. I accepted the challenge and fell in love with it. I realised I could adapt and learn quickly not only the new tools but a whole new world! As a creative manager, I am more than confident I can create and transform the client’s needs into a visual product. I will never stop acquiring new skills and seeking new inspiration to make me the best I could be as a creative person.

I can say with confidence that I know a lot about print and digital, the details that makes my work professional.

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