Milena Ivanova Ugrinova - mim

A well-educated and experienced graphic designer with passion for photography. A long time ago I studied at School of Arts. There I learned drawing, painting, art history, and I learned most importantly, how to create a classical advertising. This is when my interests in visual arts and design was born. After my graduation I've always been working as a graphic designer, transferring knowledge into practice and learning the specific features of the area. My current job, for many years now, is at a large IT company, where I'm working mainly on 'in house' projects. I had to create a lot of advert materials: web sites, brochures, posters and other different design pieces, which formed the company’s identity. Other than that I had to create design for the user interface of web-based software for the products developed by the company.

In 2015, I took bachelor’s degree in Photography. Mixing my design skills with photography, I also improved retouching. I learned a lot about commercial site of the photography working as a stock photographer during my maternities. I faced some challenges as freelance photographer for heavy trucks magazine and other completely different clients. Now I'm looking forward to facing the new opportunities.

I'm happily married with two lovely children.

16+ years

Professional Designer

Print and Web

corporate and product

5 years

Design Education

Art School

graphic design

4 years

University Education


bachelor degree

12+ years

Photography Passion

The Beauty

comes from the light


Sirma Company Banner

Sirma Solutions

Senior Graphic Designer, Photographer

March 2001 – Present

As a Senior Graphic Designer in a large software company I've been responsible for all kind of graphic materials from brand design to application layout for the company's and client's products. I've been working mostly “in house” on different kinds of projects and brands for the group of companies that are part of the Sirma Group Holding. I’ve participated in discussions from the very beginning of the most of the projects. My responsibilities for some of the projects were to manage external contractors, which had the task to capture and process large amount of images, under special conditions. In 2015, I was involved in all steps of development of an image-processing application.

Some of the latest major projects are:

Sirma Company Brand

Loyax Product Brand

Sirma Media Company Brand

The Catch Up Index

National Council on Prices and Reimbursemen of Medicinal Products - online register

Bulgarian University Ranking System

You can find some of the projects I've made for Sirma Solutions in Design page.


Volvo Trucks Freelance Photographer

Globetrotter Magazine

Freelance Photographer

July 2008 – March 2009

Globetrotter is the Bulgarian Volvo Trucks brand magazine. I had to create some photo-stories and CVs for local articles. The shooting locations were across the country, and I had to take photos of large tonnage trucks and earth moving machinery. You can see examples of my work here.

M3 Communications Group, Inc.

Web Designer

June 2000 – February 2001

I started as a junior web designer and I learned a lot about HTML and CSS by working on several web-sites for the company and for customers.

Iktus Print

Post Print Operator

July 1999 – October 1999

This job was my first opportunity to apply in practice everything I had learned at school. Iktus Print was a small print house which produced everything from business cards to flyers and posters, and even books. I was responsible for after-print finishing, but I also passed training in prepress and everything related to the production process.









Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Photography

New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

I chose a different subject, from the one I was already working in, in order to discover new horizons related to graphic design. Photography was the last thing to complete my interests in visual arts. In 2016, in order to graduate I took a series of photographs called “Origami Transformation” and I wrote a thesis with topic - “The road from Shoot to Photography” in which I was exploring and discussing the element of art in a photographic image.


Performer Artist, Advertising Graphic

National School of Arts “Dimitar Dobrovitch”, Sliven, Bulgaria

I received an innovative academic education. It was a mixture of classical art studies, such as drawing, painting, art history, etc., and graphic design disciplines: logo, poster, font design and multimedia. I graduated with a final year project, achieving excellent results.


  • Tsvetan Alexiev - CEO
    Tsvetan Alexiev

    CEO at Sirma Group Holding

    I had the pleasure of working with Milena for 15 years. She is a very supportive and creative professional designer easy-to-work-with. Her inspired view on the company’s challenges brought a number of successful projects in Sirma. She is visually minded and knows how to mix function with aesthetics, making each project special. Read more

  • Maya Paskaleva - Business Analyst
    Maya Paskaleva

    Business Analyst at Sirma Solutions

    Milena is one of the most experienced and efficient graphic designers with whom I worked. Her competence, experience and brilliant ideas are essential to the success of projects related to the graphical user interface – web portals, search engines of information systems for our clients. Read more

  • Hristo Enev - Software Engineer
    Hristo Enev

    Software Engineer at Innit

    I workеd with Milena for more than three years at Sirma Solutions JSC. Together we completed several projects where she performed as creative, proactive, result oriented and responsible employee. She is always ready to put all her energy and time to get the job done. And combined with her creativity, design skills and perfection, the outcome is always great. Read more

  • Stefan Kiryakov
    Stefan Kiryakov

    Founder at Order Box It & Global Best Brands

    I was working with Milena directly while she was part of my marketing team at Sirma Solutions Jsc. I have to say she was very creative and great member of the team, but what I liked most about her was her passion for getting the job done in the best way from multiple perspectives - but design and UX. I would recommend Milena to anyone looking for a design and UI expert.

  • Chavdar Dimitrov - COO, Executive Director
    Chavdar Dimitrov

    Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director at Sirma Solutions

    As her supervisor I can truly recommend Milena as an outstanding employee, who can be relied to finish every hard task. In all the years that I worked with her, she proved as a designer with broad skills. She has a good character, which makes it a great colleague you want to have next to you.